Design Lead

Client / Project

Space Systems Loral / MCC and SSAW Displays


2014 – Present

Space Systems Loral is a large satellite manufacturing company that builds, launches and fly’s commercial satellites. Their focus was to simplify the way data is displayed not only to the customers but flight engineers as well.


One project I had the opportunity to work on was called MCC (Mission Control Room) Display. The other was called SAW (Situational Awareness) Display. Both were quite intense at their core, but simplifying this data and displaying this data was the overall objective.


The MCC is a display that resides in mission control rooms not only at SSL but their customer control rooms as well. It was designed to be displayed on any high-resolution monitor or projector ranging from 20” – 100”. At a high level, there are numerous data points that come across the network every second giving you specific data about the spacecraft’s current status. Some of these include making sure the spacecraft is in range, which antennas it is connected to, satellite health, and network connectivity. These data points were aggregated and made into an easy to understand display that shows you all of this important information at a quick glance.


Another project I developed with SSL was the SAW. The SAW was developed in conjunction with NBNCo of Australia. The goal was to create a display that could help flight engineers understand the health and connectivity of the spacecraft so that their customers remain connected to the internet. This was a long project that required me to travel and train engineers on what we were showing on the display. There were over 100 data points that needed to be displayed and easily understood.


Both the MCC and the SAW we designed using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch. I was in charge of creating the wireframe, the flow of information, the final mock and it’s assets for development. Both systems are still in use around the world in mission control rooms.